It’s been quiet on the travelling front. I’ve had some expensive repairs done to the old CR-V, but I’m looking forward to a much needed road trip. I’ll be doing two things differently on my next drive. Firstly, I will have passengers in the car with me. This almost never happens. “Life is an aimless drive that you take alone. Might as well enjoy the ride, take the long way home.” JUST KIDDING! Those are lyrics from the song “Take the long way home” by a band called Bloodhound Gang. I can’t listen to them when the kids are in the car, because Hannah, my eldest, looks at me funny, and Adam, my 7 year old, learns the words and chooses the most inopportune time sing about “Norwegian lesbians that feed me grapes and know how to sing” We will travel to the sounds of Metallica, Pixies, The Radio Rats, Koos Kombuis, The Perfect Shadows, and some delectable regional radio broadcasts. The other anomaly is that the hotel I’m visiting is not a “Pure Royal”, as Royal Hotel researcher and traveller Derek Meise so eloquently pointed out. I’m off to Modderrivier to visit the Crown Royal. It’s over 100 years old, and looks interesting enough to warrant a visit, on our way to Johannesburg. Tucked away at the confluence of the Modder and Riet Rivers, steeped in a history of war, diamonds and hotels.

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