Searching for Sugar Van

It has been a few months since I started looking for a food trailer. I mean, it’s an obvious choice, a natural progression. My little blue Renault Sandero has been a marvellous companion on many long road trips around South Africa, but it doesn’t seem that charmed with loads of food, gas bottles and heavy equipment shoved in the back of it. Typing “Food Trailer for sale” into the Google search bar revealed surprisingly few offerings. Maybe that’s because food trailers are all in use, happily churning out burritos and burgers and shit. After discovering a food trailer scam happening in Knysna, I’m back on the prowl. (Don’t buy a trailer from Big G Food Trailers in Knysna. They don’t exist)

I don’t want a big trailer. Well, I do, but my bank balance wants a little trailer. I can do little, because size doesn’t always count. Not when it comes to superior organisational skills, anyway. *puts “get organised” on the to do list.

I’ve sent out some emails, and now I wait. Come to me, oh food truck that was made for HEAT! Let’s hit the road…